Shakedown + Happy Birthday, Marsha! at BAM

Happy Birthday, Marsha! screens with Shakedown at BAM Rose Cinemas October 12-14. Tickets and details here.


Dir. Leilah Weinraub
2018, 72min

In the Los Angeles club scene of the early 2000s, one party stood out from the rest: SHAKEDOWN, a black lesbian strip club where storied performers like Mahogany, Egypt, and Jazmine reigned and queer sexuality and sisterhood were celebrated with euphoric abandon. Compiled from over 400 hours of footage shot by the club’s resident videographer Leilah Weinraub, this rapturous documentary is a dreamlike evocation of a utopian time and place.

Happy Birthday, Marsha!

Dirs. Tourmaline & Sasha Wortzel
2018, 13min

A portrait of iconic transgender artist and activist Marsha “Pay it No Mind” Johnson in the hours before she ignited the 1969 Stonewall Riots.